Minute™ Total Protein Extraction Kit for Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry has become a popular method for analysis and characterization of proteins. Traditional total protein extraction method such as RIPA buffer-based protein extraction suffers the disadvantages of incomplete protein extraction. Some components in RIPA buffer may not compatible with certain downstream applications. MinuteTM total protein extraction kit for mass spectrometry is specifically developed to overcome these short comings. This kit can extract total protein from animal cultured cells/tissues efficiently and rapidly without bias. The extracted proteins are compatible with trypsin digestion, iTRAQ labeling and biotin-labeling. Due to the use of the protein extraction filter cartridges, the extraction volume can be as small as 20 Ál and as large as 500 Ál. This unique feature is very useful in situations where available starting material is a limiting factor. Total proteins can be extracted rapidly with high yield (2-8 mg/ml).

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Kit Components

Item Amount
Lysis Buffer 25 ml
Protein extraction filter cartridges 50ml
Collection tubes with cap 2 ml 50ml
Plastic Rods 50ml