Minute™ Protein Extraction Kit for Hair and Nails

Proteins account for about 80% of keratinized animal tissues that include but not limited to hair, nail, horn and wool. These tissues contain mainly hard α-keratins made of several distinctive types of protein with molecular weight ranging from 10-135 Kda. Majority of the proteins are ranging from 10-65 Kda. Several methods have been reported for protein extraction from keratinized animal tissues. The extraction buffer usually contains high concentration of urea, thiourea, guanidine hydrochloride or a combination of these strong denaturants. Protein extraction with high concentration denaturants is relatively effective but the concentration of extracted protein is usually low due to larger extraction buffer/tissue ratio. Extracted proteins need to be concentrated prior to further analysis. The presence of high concentration of denaturants may also interfere with downstream application. HD-021 is designed to effectively extract proteins from keratinized animal tissues without using strong denaturants mentioned above. The extracted protein can be directly loaded onto SDS-PAGE without concentration. The extraction buffer of this kit contains 0.5% SDS and other chemicals. Extracted protein concentration is 1-2 mg/ml.

Cat# HD-021   Price:$238/KIT (20 preps)  

Protein Extraction Kit for Hair and Nails

Kit Components

Item Amount
Buffer A 15ml
Buffer B 1.5ml
Filter cartridges 20
Collection tubes with cap 20