Minute™ Total Protein Extraction Kit for Microbes with Thick Cell Walls

Protein extraction from cell wall-containing microbes is a frequent procedure in bio-research Labs. The methods for protein extraction from these microbes are usually harsh, tedious and not sufficiently reliable. YT-015 provides an instrument-free, rapid and gentle way for extracting proteins from microbes with thick and strong cell walls. These microbes include but not limited to yeast, filamentous fungus, gram positive and negative bacteria, insect eggs and microalgae. This kit contains optimized denaturing and native protein extraction buffers for user to choose from. Unlike many other methods of which harsh conditions, such as 8 M urea, glass bead lysis using an instrument, and boiling the sample with alkaline extraction etc., are used for yeast protein extraction. Proteins in certain molecular weight range are usually preferentially extracted with these methods. This kit features a single tube protocol, full range of yeast proteins are extracted without bias. The kit works well for both log phase and stationary phase microbes. The whole procedure takes less than 10 min to complete and the protein yield is in the range of 2-5 mg/ml. The materials provided are sufficient for 50 extractions.

Cat# YT-015   Price:$120 (50 preps)(Free sample not available for this product)  

Total Protein Extraction Kit for Microbes with Thick Cell Walls

Kit Components

Item Amount
Denaturing Buffer 20 ml
Native Buffer 20 ml
Protein Extraction Powder 5g
1.5 ml Microfuge Tube 50
Pestles 4