Minute™ Protein/Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit from Gels

Passive elution and electro elution are the most common methods for extracting proteins and/or nucleic acid from polyacrylamide/agarose gels. Protein extraction by passive elution usually takes overnight incubation. Eluted proteins are significantly diluted and require further concentration. Protein extraction by electro elution is faster (30 min to 2 h) than passive elution but it requires a special elution device that works less effectively for larger proteins (>70 Kda). The electro buffer usually contains detergent and other chemicals at a concentration that may interfere with downstream applications. Here we feature a rapid and instrument-free protein/nucleic acid extraction kit. Proteins/nucleic acid can be extracted from gels in <10 min with high yield. The elution buffer can be a detergent-containing buffer or pure water depending upon methods of gel staining. The elution volume is between 10 to 200 ┬Ál. Multiple gel pieces can be processed in a single tube and the final protein concentration is relatively high.

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Yeast Mitochondria Enrichment Kit

Kit Components

Item Amount
Filter Cartridges 20
Microfuge Tube 20
Extraction Powder 2g
Micro-pestles 5