Minute™ Nuclear Envelope Protein Extraction Kit

The nuclear envelope is a very complex membrane-protein system that is notoriously difficult to isolate and purify due to its connection to nuclear and cytoplasmic components. Traditional method of nuclear envelope isolation and purification requires a large amount of starting material and a lengthy and tedious procedure. Invent Biotechnologies MinuteTM nuclear envelope protein extraction kit is the first commercial kit designed to rapidly isolate nuclear envelope and its associated proteins in native form without using density-gradient and ultra centrifugation. Due to the use of protein extraction filter cartridges, the nuclear envelope protein isolation is simple, easy and user friendly. The nuclear envelope proteins are significantly enriched in the final prep. Unlike traditional method that requires large amount of starting cells/tissues this kit starts with only 10-20 million cells and the buffers are detergent and EDTA free. The procedure can be completed in less than 45 min with a final yield of 10-50 µg protein/sample.

CAT #: NE-013   Price:$398 (50 preps)  
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Nuclear Envelope Protein Extraction Kit

Kit Components

Item Amount
Buffer A 25 ml
Buffer B 25 ml
Filter Cartridges 50
Collection Tubes with Cap 50