They're called Minute™ Kits for a reason...

Protein extraction has been around for a long time. We thought it was about time that someone developed a kit to make it as fast as it should be, so that exactly what we did. Combining our patented reagents and spin columns, we made protein extraction take as little as one minute!

Proteins extracted by Minute™ kits can be used in the studies such as SDS-PAGE, immunoblottings, ELISA, IP, protein localization, gel mobility shift assays, and other applications.

Just how much time are you saving?

Let’s compare protocols against top brands…

  Invent Biotechnologies Minute™ Total Protein Kit Major Brand #1 Total Protein Extraction Kit Major Brand #2 Total Protein Extraction Kit Major Brand #3 Protein Extraction Reagent
Step 1 Vortex briefly Homogenize tissue for 20 seconds Add reagent to sample Shake for 10 minutes
Step 2 Transfer to spin column Transfer to dry ice Vortexing for 1 min Centrifuge for 15 minutes
Step 3 Spin for 30 seconds Homogenize tissue for 20 seconds Incubation on ice for 10 min Transfer to a new tube
Step 4 Rotate for 20 minutes Repeat step 2 and 3 for 1h
Step 5 Centrifuge for 20 minutes centrifige for 30 min
Step 6 Transfer to a new tube Thansfer to a new tube
Step 7 _
Total Time: 1–5 min 42 minutes 140 min 25 minutes

As you can see, Invent Biotechnologies Minute™ Kits can save you anywhere from 20 minutes to over 1.5 hours on your protein extraction times! You’re cutting protocol times by over 90%! If your lab is anything like ours, we’re sure there’s a lot you can do with that extra time.

Minute™ Kits performance is every bit as good as leading brands and standard protocols.

Which kit is right for you?

Get more done and get results faster. At Invent Biotechnologies, we’re changing the speed of science.