Minute™ Histone/DNA Binding Protein Extraction Kit

Histones and other DNA binding proteins play an important role in chromosome organization, gene regulation and posttranslational modification. Core components of histones can be covalently modified through methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation, and sumoylation. These modifications are essential for gene expression, regulation, DNA repair and chromosome condensation. HP-014 is designed to rapidly extract histones and other DNA binding proteins from cultured cells and cells isolated from animal tissues. Unlike many other commercial histone extraction kits that employ acid or high salt extraction methods, HP-014 extracts histone proteins through a completely different mechanism. This kit is equally efficient in extracting histones and other DNA binding proteins that can be used for internal controls for histone modification analysis. In comparison acid extraction protocol selectively extracts basic proteins and a good internal control is usually not possible. HP-014 can extract histones from 0.5 to 5 million cells in less than 10 min with high protein yield (1-2.5 mg/ml) making it the fastest and most robust histone extraction kit available in the market.

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Histone/DNA Binding Protein Extraction Kit

Kit Components

Item Amount
Buffer A 25 ml
Buffer B 25 ml
Filter Cartridges 50
Collection Tubes with Cap 50