Minute™ Hi-efficiency Saliva Exosome Isolation Kit

Diagnoses using exosomes derived from saliva have been attracting great attention in recent years due to the ease of sample collection. However, saliva samples are challenging when it comes down to exosome isolation. In addition to cells and cell debris, large amount of amylase, mucin and glycoprotein present in saliva, making the samples viscous and hard to manipulate. Pre-treatments, such as sonication and dilution, are often required. In many cases, the saliva samples can still be difficult to handle even after pre-treatments. This product is specifically designed to address these issues using the proprietary saliva filters. Highly viscous saliva samples can be converted to non-viscous solution instantly by passing the samples through the filter. Exosomes can then be readily precipitated from as less as 100 µl saliva using the highly effective non-PEG-based reagent.

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Invent Biotechnologies' Minute™  Hi-efficiency Saliva Exosome Isolation Kit Test Results

Kit Components

Item Amount/Count
Exosome Precipitation Reagent 15 ml
Filter Cartridge 50
2.0 ml collection tubes 50