Minute™ High Efficiency Protein Precipitation kit

Protein precipitation is an obvious choice for concentrating proteins and removing interfering substances in protein samples such as salts, lipid and other components that may interfere with downstream applications. One of the most commonly used methods is trichloroacetic acid (TCA)/acetone precipitation. This is a relatively simple and effective method. Proteins precipitated by TAC/acetone method is usually denatured and in many cases the solubility of protein is reduced. A major disadvantage of traditional TCA/acetone precipitation method is its low efficiency for the samples of low protein concentration. The higher protein concentration sample precipitate much more effectively than the lower protein concentration samples. In order to overcome the shortcomings, we have developed this high efficiency protein precipitation kit, which is a modification of traditional TCA method. It is simple, rapid and highly effective. Low protein concentration samples can be effectively precipitated and concentrated in about 25-30 min. The precipitated protein can be re-dissolved readily in detergent containing buffers.

Cat# WA-006   Price:$120/kit  

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Kit Components

Item Amount
Protein precipitation Solution 30 ml
Washing Solution 30ml